About Me

Dr. Jayaraj P B Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology Calicut
Kozhikode, Kerala

Experience: Assistant Professor CSED NIT Calicut (2010 May- Till Date) Teaching Embedded System, Computer Organization, Computer Architecture, Deep Learning
Senior Lecturer, IES College of Engineering, Thrissur (2009 Jan-2010 May) Teaching Operating System, Embedded System, Microprocessors & C Programming
Software Engineer, Motorola Pvt. Ltd., (2007 Dec- 2008 Dec) Mobile Multimedia Engine Developer (Linux, C)
Software Engineer, IBM Global PVT Ltd(2006 Aug- 2007 Dec), Telecom Application developer (Unix/AIX, PLSQL, Oracle forms)
Project Trainee, Philips Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (2005 July- 2006 July), Embedded TV Board (a porting on Viper2 Board)

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Jayaraj P. B., Aravind A. N., Alex A . T., 2013, Fast Parallel Arithmetic Coding on GPU, 5 June. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing 2013 (NCETIC 13)., GEC TCR, Kerala, India

Students Guiding PhD:
Reshma Raj p170017cs [Full time, shared guiding] – Development of Efficient Routing Techniques in NoC based on Reinforcement Learning techniques
Bijoy M B p170059cs [ Part time] – Designing efficient AI based algorithms for primary screening the cervical cancer disease
Jisna V A p170107cs [Full time, Solo guiding] – Design of efficient Deep Learning techniques for protein structure prediction
Sharon Sunny p180018cs [Full time, Solo guiding] – Development of AI inspired Protein Docking algorithms
Seenia Francis p190029cs [Full time, shared guiding] – Design of Deep Learning assisted Auto contouring station for OAR segmentation in CT images
Jiffy Joseph p190037cs [Full Time, Shared, JRF] – Deep Learning based Image synthesising algorithms for helping in radiotherapy workflow
Arathy Menon [Full Time, Shared] – Deep Learning based cleaning of Under Water images

1. Rohit - Cervical Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning Based Semantic Segmentation
2. Devesh Rao- Image Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Networks
3. Ebin J - Visual Odometry using Deep Learning, for space robotic applications
1. Mukund, Sebastian Jose, Sidharth – GAN based autocontouring of OARs in Pelvic CT images
2. Chacko Alan Shibu et al.– GAN based Protein Docking technique
3. Tarun Kansal and et al. – GAN based protein contact map prediction
4. Sanaul Malik - Design of H infinity filters on Distributed computing